most unusual Wedding guest

A horse (which belonged to the bride and was stabled near the church)

most unusual outfit

a suit of armour(worn by the groom - the Wedding had a medieval theme

-all the guests came in medieval costume)


most unusual form of transport

a trike(which the bride arrived on -the groom arrived at the head of a convoy of motorcycles)

oldest Wedding venue

Birkenhead Priory -which is over 1000 years old18

most unusual reception venue

the officers mess of a warship

longest service

a high church nuptual mass which lasted over 2 hours
(the order of service had 23 pages)

church with the longest name

Trinity with Palm Grove United Reformed and Methodist Church

most romantic

a couple who had been childhood sweethearts and had been separated by the war13
- they met again at a pensioners club over 40 years later and subsequently married

scariest wedding music

"Jaws" theme

most children (attending Wedding)

35 (the bride was a teacher at the primary school attached to the church
and her class was allowed to attend)

most children(belonging to couple)

Nine (the bride had 5 and the groom 4 - and all of them were under 8 years old)

smallest Wedding party17-Sep-0007

Four(bride, groom and 2 witnessses)

most bridesmaids


most languages

a Wedding service between an Englishman and a Belgium lady held in Switzerland.
The service was conducted in German, so two translators were required, one to translate
the service into English and a second to translate it into French

unluckiest Bride

a girl who broke her leg 2 weeks before getting married and had to be pushed down the aisle
in a wheelchair

furthest traveled

9,000 miles - six members of the groom's family traveled from Australia for the Wedding

shortest traveled

20 meters - the bride lived on the other side of the road from the church. e2
She walked to church on a red carpet which was laid across the road

worst experience

being stung in the throat by a wasp whilst photographing a Wedding

most unbalanced Wedding party

45 guests from the groom's side, none from the bride's side.
She was from Brazil and was given away by the groom's father


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