Restoring Old Photographs

My professional photo restoration service can repair and restore your treasured photographs.

If that cherished photo has been damaged, torn by accident or simply faded and deteriorated through age -I can repair it.

By capturing your photo electronically the digital copy can be enhanced and manipulated using specialist computer software

. The original photograph is not altered and is returned to you in its original condition.

You will receive two 7"x5"copies of the restored photograph.I can also keep a digital copy of it as a backup.

Your treasured photograph is now safe for many years to come.

Some of the things I can do:

  • Repair scratches, creases and tears
  • Mould, dirt spots and stain removal
  • Piece back together torn photographs
  • Recreate missing sections
  • Remove pen / biro marks
  • Correct colour casts and yellow aged pictures
  • Revive contrast/brightness in faded photos
  • Enhance detail, focus and sharpness
  • Add or Remove a person
  • Change the background
  • Colorise a black and white photo
  • Digital cosmetic surgery

Three Levels of restoration are available

1. Basic Restoration = 12.00

The photo is in good condition, the damaged area is small, it's necessary to make
only a small number of corrections:
          - minimal retouching ("red-eye", small stains and scratches)  
          - moderate adjustment of colour, brightness and contrast


2.Standard Restoration = 20.00

The photo is not bad, but needs some correction:
  - features (except eyes and edges) are slightly damaged
  - small or unimportant areas are damaged or missing
  - average amount of scratches, stains and paper tears
  - moderate damage from water, writing tools









3 Complex Restoration = 30.00

The photo is in a poor condition, it is very faded, needs great enlarging and/or considerable corrections:
  - fragments of the image are damaged or missing
  - features and parts of a figure are missing
  - considerable damage from water and mold
  - a lot of stains and traces from writing tools
  - deep scratches, serious paper tears

















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