1.How long will you need to take the photos?

I am well aware that your time is very precious to you on your Wedding day, so I work as quickly as possible.
 I am usually able to complete the photos in under an hour. A number of factors will affect the exact time needed 
- the main ones being the number of group shots that you have requested and the size of the Wedding party

2. How soon after the Wedding will the photos be available?

Generally the photos will be available for viewing 3 days  after the wedding. Once you have selected the photos to go in the album, it will take a further week to print them and assemble the album

3.Who chooses which photos are taken?

Most customers are happy to leave the choice to me. However you are welcome to specify some or even all of the photos that you want

4.What if your camera develops a fault while you are taking the photos?

I always carry a spare camera(spare flash, spare batteries, spare memory cards etc etc) -

5.When do we pay?

A 60 deposit is required when you book, the balance can be paid any time up to the Wedding day

6.Can we have extra photos in our album?

Yes, you can have as many as you like -there will be a small additional charge for printing and mounting

7.What if my wedding album gets lost or damaged at some point in the future?

Every set of wedding photos that I take are stored on a computer disc FOREVER - so I could reproduce your  album at any time in the future

8. How much time should we leave between the ceremony and the meal?

from 2 hours for a small civil Wedding up to 3 hours for a large church Wedding


9. Do you come to the brides home before the Wedding?

not normally but I'm willing to do it as an extra(to be honest   I don't recommend it as you'll have enough to worry about   on the morning of your Wedding)

10. Will you take photos requested by other guests?

Yes but only as a separate commission after I've completed your photos


11.What happens if it rains?

most of the photos will have to be done indoors -usually at the reception. It is nearly always possible to get some outdoor shots by popping out between the showers

12. Our Wedding venue isn't very photogenic   -can we go to another location for the photos?

yes there are many parks and public gardens throughout the area which can be used

13. Can you add special effects to the photos?

yes there are a vast range of different effects which can added(see the galleries for  examples)

14. Do things ever go wrong at Weddings?

very rarely -inspite of having photographed over 1000 Weddings, I can think of only a handful were there where minor hitches 
and none at all were there was a problem bad enough to spoil the day


15. I've heard that digital photos fade after a period of time. Is this the case?

Digital photos printed at home on an inkjet printer may fade slightly over a number of years your photos will not fade as they are printed in exactly the same way as traditional photos

16. Do you do midweek Weddings?

Yes, I am available every day of the week

17.Who owns the copyright of the photos?

By law, copyright automatically belongs to the photographer, however I have no objection to you copying or printing the photos - provided it is only for personal use

18.Do you use film or digital cameras?

Digital - great advances have been made in digital photography in the last few years.
The image quality exceeds the best results ever possible with 35mm film.Ease of use, ability to check the results immediately and huge storage capacity are just a few of the advantages that digital has to offer. My camera feels more intuitive, gives me more control and most importantly produces prints that are better than ever before.

19. When do you arrive at the Wedding   and when do you leave?

I would normally arrive 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony and leave
just before the wedding breakfast begins.

20. Will you take photos during the ceremony?

Yes - if it is permitted. The vast majority of venues allow photos during the service.
However there are a small number of churches that do not allow photography
during the service or place restrictions on what I am allowed to do. 

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